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  • Are you confused why you're still single?
  • Do you feel that you've been hopelessly left behind?
  • Are you tired of getting into relationships that are not fulfilling?
  • Do you keep second guessing yourself and wondering if you're "good enough"?
  • Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of emotional pain and can't seem to find a way out?

If you've said yes to any of the questions above, then you've come to the right place.

We all need love in our lives. That is an undeniable fact. But life does not come with an instruction manual that gives you a defined formula for finding the right person. And it is left to us to bumble about to try and do our best for our love lives. This means that often we find ourselves running round and round in circles and meeting dead ends in our quest for love, which eventually crumbles our spirit. It is essential that we have an objective view of our love life and an in-depth understanding of ourselves and the people we attract in order to find a soulmate and create a fulfilling, lasting relationship.

Get Ready For Love is based on the revolutionary "Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme" that will completely change the way you look at love, and equip you with the right insight and tools to create and make the most of your love life.

For Every Stage in the Love Cycle

Developed by TJ Gibbs, this love coaching manual unlocks the secrets to a happy, fulfilling love life, no matter if you're single, in a relationship, or considering moving on. She has had her own share of emotional pain and went through a downward spiral to self destruction that she successfully overcame. Her own trials gave her a valuable perspective and the inspiration to turn her life around as well as that of others. She trained and qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach and went on to specialise in providing therapy and coaching for those with issues relating to love and heartache. 

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With this guide, you will be able to embark on your own journey of self-discovery, and will learn the following:

  • All about love filters, love programming, love styles, and self-love, and how they affect your choices in your potential partners
  • Create a working action plan to elevate your current level of happiness
  • Create and retain a lasting relationship with your soulmate
  • How to evaluate exactly how happy you are with your life and love
  • Identify and profile your soulmate and understand how to attract them
  • Understand how different people "love" differently and discover how you can bridge the difference
Get Ready For Love is an eye-opening guide that provides complete training that will help you honestly uncover and identify personal obstacles and gain the courage to overcome them, fall in love with yourself first and share that love with your soul's mate. Summing up, this mastermind of a guide is an exclusive opportunity for those seeking love and fulfilling relationships in their lives.
Here's a sneak peek of the chapters:

Chapter 1

What is Love?

"What is Love" is one of the most Googled questions of all time. Dive deeper and get an in-depth answer, understanding all the components that truly make love, love, and find what it means to you.

Chapter 2

Are You Ready For Love?

Open your heart and take an honest look inwards to assess how content you are with your life and love in the present moment. The 12 key components will help you clear away the webs one by one and give you a clear view of the areas that need your immediate attention.

Chapter 3

How Do You Love?

People operate through their own unique filters of love. Discover how you love, and how to translate your love to deliver it to others around you who may have different filters.

Chapter 4

A Date With Your Soul (and its mate)

Do you really know who your soulmate is? Are you sure it is whom your soul is calling? Find out all about it in this chapter. The unique Soul Mate Profiling Technique will help you identify and recognise your actual soul's mate.

Chapter 5

Who Have You Been Attracting

While there is no defined formula for love, there are patterns that lead to poor love choices, which ultimately end in heartbreak. Discover who you have been attracting and profile the people you have been in relationships with to find what you truly need from a partner.

Chapter 6

Falling Back In Love With Yourself

Before you can love someone else, it is essential to give the same love to oneself. This chapter will guide you how to create a strong foundation of self-love, and find how important it is to fall in love with yourself first.

Chapter 7

Your Soul's Plan

With the previous activities, you would now have a wealth of information about your soulmate and the way you love. With this data, you're ready to engage in the Soul Plan activity — a life coaching approach for quickly improving your current life and levels of love happiness.

Chapter 8

Get Ready To Date [BONUS]

This chapter is a bonus dating masterclass introduction just for you. It covers practical guidance and advice about the current dating culture and how to be more confident in your dating game.

Chapter 9

Getting Steady With Love

Now that you have everything in place, all you need is to step into the real world and meet your potential soulmate. All the newfound knowledge and training will help you find and make the right choice that will make you the happiest you have ever been.

About The Author TJ Gibbs

As founding Love Therapist at The Love Coach, TJ Gibbs has developed an array of love changing products and services to support both men and women through the full cycle of love and relationships. Her one to one work which includes intuitive guidance Life & Love Readings; Dating, Life and Love Coaching; and Love Therapy helps clients worldwide uncover and eliminate issues that are limiting their peace and happiness in love and life.

Just like many of her clients, TJ has had her own share of personal pain in both life and love which culminated in institutionalisation and after assessment for depression and mental health issues, was diagnosed as “simply being very sad”.

Her subsequent journey from self-loathing back to self-loving would eventually climax with the revelation of her life’s purpose: to help others heal their sadness.

She trained and qualified as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Life Coach and went on to specialise in providing therapy and coaching for those with issues relating to love and heartache. 
TJ Gibbs: Love Coach, Therapist, & Author
Utilising her wealth of therapy and coaching skills alongside her own personal experience, TJ developed the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme which is the basis of her book Get Ready For Love . TJ continues in her passion to heal heartache via her one to one client work as well as seminars, workshops and retreats.

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Life changer, eye opener, great read.

5.0 out of 5 stars
When I picked up this book I was getting tired of running in the same circles that I have done all my life. I came from a troubled family of suicide and alcoholism
and didn't put together that they were affecting the men I chose in my life because I THOUGHT I had gotten beyond it. I didn't realize that the care taker in me had just shifted gears and was never really happy because I wasn't choosing a soul mate, I was choosing someone I could help and take care of.
I was ALWAYS looking for my knight in shining armor to rescue me and do for me what I was doing for everyone else but getting burned out at. I had avoided social settings and making my life whole and full in other areas of my life and this book enlightened me to see that. I think you can learn a lot from the book and this coaching again and again.God is first in my life but He also wants us to have a WHOLE life, a HAPPY life and this book helps each individual see where they are lacking and what patterns they unconsciously put into place.Lorem ipsum dolor text....
--Melody Klar 


5.0 out of 5 stars
This book helped me work through a lot of negativity I was putting out and therefore receiving in return. I have a new perspective on love now.
--Sarah Menidola

Definitely Recommend this Book

5.0 out of 5 stars
I think not only is this book well written, but after completing some of the workbook exercises, I have found the results to be quite eye opening. Sometimes we have an idea what we are lacking in love/life but can't always pinpoint the problem whereas this book gives you the tools to find those answers and how to resolve them. I would definitely recommend this book.
--Rachel Mooney

Why TJ Gibbs?

You can read about TJ's history, personal story and experience above - but what's more valuable, is the impact that TJ has on those she works with.

This video features testimonials of those who have completed the Get Ready For Love Coaching Programme or other work with TJ directly.  There is no better endorsement, than seeing people she's helped tell you how their lives have changed.