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  • What is Love?

    a brief exploration with the Author

    Review one of the most googled questions as you understand the components and makeup of love and explore its meaning to you.

  • The Love Cycle

    Understanding love in it's different forms

    Explore the cycle of love in more depth and find out how “Love Fatigue” can be confidence eroding and reinforce expectations in further relationships.

  • Fairytale Syndrome

    Is your concept of love a reality?

    Find out more about fairy tale syndromes that could possibly be adversely affecting or influencing your love choices. Take the “Unicorn Quiz” and discover if you are setting yourself up for heartache.

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  • Those who are struggling to date healthily
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  • People who want a relationship that adds to their quality of life
  • You! If you are not experiencing the love you desire and know you deserve Happily Ever After